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Resources for SMA

Multiple Sclerosis Resources

  • Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis
    The Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis is a nonprofit organization that is working to find a cure for MS. The site offers news, videos and downloads, and other resources for people living with multiple sclerosis.

  • All About Multiple Sclerosis
  • All About Multiple Sclerosis provides comprehensive medical information about multiple sclerosis (MS) that is easy to understand. It contains a news archive, patient stories, and an MS encyclopedia that clarifies all things related to MS.

  • American Academy of Neurology (AAN)
  • 800-879-1960
    The AAN is the professional society for physicians who treat MS and other neurological disorders. The site has a public education area with information about MS and other neurological conditions. The AAN Foundation funds MS research aimed at improving patient care and quality of life.

  • Jooly's Joint
  • Jooly’s Joint is an online community for people who live with MS, with blogs, email discussions, an extensive message board, and a place where people with MS can meet others with MS.

  • Montel Williams MS Foundation
  • A project of the popular talk-show host who was diagnosed with MS in the 1990s, this foundation raises awareness and provides financial support for MS research.

  • MSWorld
  • MSWorld provides Internet community support to people with MS, and creates a safe, informative, useful, and fun place for people with MS to meet, share ideas, and find resources to keep them moving forward while living with MS.

  • Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA)
  • 800-532-7667
    The MSAA is a nonprofit that offers services, support groups, consultations to those with MS, as well as MRI diagnostic funding and equipment distribution, among other services.

  • Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF)
  • 888-MSFOCUS
    The MSF is a nonprofit organization that offers programming and support to keep MS patients safe and independent, and MS awareness education for the general public. Features include a multimedia lending library and a toll-free helpline.

  • Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF)
  • 44 (0) 20 7620 1911
    The MSIFF was formed to help MS groups around the world work cooperatively to improve quality of life and encourage research into better treatments for MS patients.

  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
  • 800-352-9424
    TTY: 301-468-5981
    NINDS is an agency of the National Institutes of Health that provides information on neurological disorders including MS and funds and conducts medical research on neurological conditions.

  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS)
  • 800-344-4867 (FIGHTMS)
    The NMSS has chapters in all 50 states geared towards providing MS patients and their families with support, resources, educational programs, and other services, as well as the latest in MS news. Log on or call to find a local chapter.

  • This Is MS
    This Is MS offers the latest news in MS, downloads, FAQs, encyclopedia and an open-minded approach to all potentially viable treatments.

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